Monday, June 02, 2008

Michael Bird is Everywhere

Today I came across Michael Bird's name in three different contexts. Is there anywhere Bird is not?! First, I noticed the most recent issue of Currents in Biblical Research where he has an article co-authored by Preston Sprinkle on Jewish interpretation of Paul. Then I was given a new book edited by Scot McKnight titled Who Do My Opponents Say That I Am?: An Investigation of the Accusations Against Jesus and Bird has an essay there. Finally, when I was sitting down to watch my beloved Yankees and do some "fun" reading I saw that he had read and given "critical feedback" on the first draft of Piper's new book The Future of Justification: A Response to N. T. Wright. It appears he has made good use of insomina. I don't think even with insomina I would be as productive!
God bless you Mike!


Andy Rowell said...

I wonder if perhaps "Highland Theological College" is just a euphemism for some sort of small prison cell where Michael is held against his will and where he must publish or be fed gruel.


Way to go Michael.

Michael said...