Saturday, June 21, 2008

On-Line Lecture by Robert Jewett on Romans and the New Perspective

An online version of a lecture by Bob Jewett on Romans and the New Perspective can be found at the Australian College of Theology website. I won't bother summarizing it, suffice to say, Jewett's view is that a sharper sociological perspective renders many of these debates obsolete. It's a good lecture, controversial in its interpretation at points, but well worth listening to. 

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Jeremy said...

Michael -- do you know when this lecture was recorded? It's certainly an interesting discussion, but I was waiting for Jewett to make mention of 4QMMT, or at least the significance of 'works of the law' in Qumranic literature -- but he didn't. Maybe this has to do more with Galatians than with Romans. I'll have to read more on the topic and take a look at his Hermeneia commentary, of course. :)