Sunday, June 01, 2008

Book on Marriage and Family

In a few weeks I will be teaching a week long intensive course at North Park Theological Seminary on Ministry with Families. In preparation for the course I have read some good books on the issue and I would recommend a couple.

Edited by Ken M. Campbell
Published by IVP
The book is comprised of four chapters dealing with the topic of Marriage and Family in the various historical contexts relevant for biblical studies as well as two chapters on the Old and New Testaments teaching.
1. Marriage and Family in the Ancient Near East by Victor H. Matthews
2. Marriage and Family in Ancient Israel by Daniel Block
3. Marriage and Family in Ancient Greek Society by S. M. Baugh
4. Marriage and Family in Roman Society by Susan Treggiari
5. Marriage and Family in Second Temple Judaism by David W. Chapman
6. Marriage and Family in the New Testament by Andreas Köstenberger
The book provides a solidly researched and accessible presentation of the topic of marriage and family in the ancient world. While some will no doubt notice the complementarian bent with Daniel Block and Andreas Köstenberger's contributions, the other essays reflect no overt interpretive agenda since they are primarily descriptive in nature. Block and Köstenberger provide useful summaries in one place of the two testament's teaching on marriage and family. This resource could be useful for pastors and seminary professors.


John B. Higgins said...

Wow, "even Block and Köstenberger provide useful summaries." Are you saying, even though they are terribly tendentious (unlike like those objectivists either have no position or are egalitarians), they can offer something.

Anonymous said...

Come on . . . that is not what I meant. The other essays are less obviously so because they are more descriptive than self-consciously providing a normative Christian perpsective. Block is certianly less so than Kostenberger.