Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Latest Issue of Tyndale Bulletin

The contents of Tyndale Bulletin 59.1 (2008) is:

"Old Testament Theology and the Canon"
John Goldingay

"Canon, Narrative, and the Old Testament's Literal Sense: A Response to John Goldingay"
Chirstopher Seitz

"'I Hate Them with Perfect Hatred' (Psalm 139:21-22)"
Eric Peels

"Aberrant Textuality? The Case of Ezekiel the (Porno) Prophet"
Andrew Sloane

"Conceptualising Fulfilment in Matthew"
J.R. Daniel Kirk

"Expulsion from the Syngague? Rethinking a Johannine Anachronism"
Edward W. Klink III

"The Deliverer from Zion: The Source(s) and Function of Paul's Citation in Romans 11:26-27"
Christopher R. Bruno

"John or Paul? Who was Polycarp's Mentor?"
Kenneth Berding

"The Measure of Stewardship: Pistis in Romans 12:3"
John C. Poirier


"Evil, Suffering, and the Righteousness of God According to Romans 1-3: An Exegetical and Theological Study"
Erwin Ochsenmeier

"Paul and His Contemporaries as Social Critics of the Roman Stress on Persona: A Study of 2 Corinthians, Epictetus, and Valerius Maximus"
V. Henry T. Nguyen

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