Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday is for Ad Fontes

In reading over the Acts of Andrew (probably Encratic rather than Gnostic) I found these quotes:

Andrew laid his hand on Maximilla and prayed as follows, "I Pray to you, my God, Lord Jesus Christ, who knows the future, and I entrust to you my child, the worthy Maximilla. May your word and power be mighty in her, and may the spirit that is in her struggle even against Aegeates, that insolent and hostile snake. O Lord, may her soul remain forever pure, sanctified by your name. In particular, protect her, O Master, from this disgusting pollution. With respect to our savage and unbearable enemy, cause her to sleep apart from her husband and wed her to her inner husband, whom you above all recognize, and for whose sake the entire mystery of your plan of salvation has been accomplished. If she has such a firm faith in you, may she obtain her own proper kinship through separation from those who masquerade as friends but are really enemies.' (16).

'O Maximilla my child,' Andrew replied, 'I know that you have been moved to resist any proposition of sexual intercourse and wish to be disassociated from a foul and filthy way of life. For a long time this conviction has dominated my thinking, but still you want me to give my opinion. I bear witness, Maximilla: do not commit this act' (27).

Note to self: I shall have to ask the wife if marital relations are really that bad! (Don't anyone answer that!!!).

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