Monday, February 06, 2006

1,2 Esdras Commentary

I am glad to announce a forthcoming commentary project by myself and Joel Willitts on 1,2 Esdras in the Brill LXX commentary series. Don't hold your breath, it's not due to be submitted until 2010! But the commentary is based on a single ms rather than using the LXX as a window into a Hebrew Vorlage.


Mowens said...

Once again, congrats.


Jim said...

Well done Mister Australian! I suppose this means that at the SBL in Washington we will all have to humbly approach you with all due gravity.

Kyle said...

Man, it's hard to read about the Son of Man tradition, to say nothing of writing something sensible.

Congratulation, though, and I hope you win that coin toss. :0)

Eric Sowell said...

Is this the same Joel Willits that went to DTS and, I think, to Cambridge?