Friday, February 10, 2006

Wright's new debating technique: Violence!

Can you name a use for this cartoon featuring Tom Wright kapowing Marc Borg and Dom Crossan? Let me get the ball rolling:

1. Tom Wright's blogger Icon
2. The new cover for the Fortress edition of The Resurrection of Jesus: John Dominic Crossan and N.T. Wright in Dialogue.
3. A diagram explainig Tom Wright's rebuttal strategy for SBL in 2006.

I got the cartoon from Justin Junkins at Pisteuo.

Hmm, I wonder if I could insert a picture of Wright giving Bultmann an uppercut to the chin? Or maybe Tom slapping Richard Dawkins in the face with a big piece of Barramundi!

Interpretation: I think this drawing is a projection of someone's internalised hero myth, where a primeval (yet strangely postmodern) champion arises to fight and win the religious battle against a perceived enemy. Well, we all like to have heroes don't we!

To quote Bertolt Brect (Galileo):
"Unhappy a land with no Hero"
"Unhappy a land that needs a hero"
I think that sums it up.

Otherwise, I shall now observe a NT Wright moratorium for the next month!


Steven Harris said...

I'll own up - that's my drawing of N T Wright that I doodled while attending one of his Didsbury Lectures in October 2005.

I have a few more stashed away somewhere that I'll post on my blog in the next few days or so :)

TheBlueRaja said...


Brandon Wason said...

I like option two the best.

Justin Jenkins said...

Hey Steven,

Are you going to offer prints for sale? I'd love a signed one. Ha!

steph said...

I saw that cartoon on your blog Steven last Oct/Nov - I sent it to a friend of mine because we both belong to his fan club. (yeah right eh Mike) I hope you don't mind...

Steven Harris said...

Steph - use the cartoons entirely at your discretion, they're in the public domain.

I might frame the originals and put them up for sale on E-bay for some quick cash though ;)

Jim Hamilton said...

For the good of his church and the glory of God, let's pray that N. T. Wright will be empowered by the Spirit to do as a bishop should and exhort, rebuke, correct, and train those under his charge in the Anglican communion.

Aside from the massive confrontation the Anglican church is facing over whether or not they're going to side with the Bible on homosexuality (or have they already taken the other side?), there are so many ways a pastor must fight.

O God, please strengthen Tom Wright to be a mighty warrior for the Kingdom of God (and while you're at it Lord, perhaps you could convince him that taking on nameless, faceless American Imperialism is a form of Quixotic tilting at windmills. Show him, good Lord, that there are evils closer to home that he needs to deal with--of course, if he has someone in his church who is greedy and imperialistic, that person needs discipline, too, but gracious God, please give him courage to address your people with your Word rather than ranting against the anonymous American boogeyman. . .).

James Crossley said...

How about one of him ducking, evading and running away from certain people not associated with the Jesus Seminar? ;-)