Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tom Wright to visit Australia

I've just found the brochure on NT Wright's home page, providing details of the Bishop of Durham's visit to Sydney. There are several sessions/events planned and they are organized by the Society for the Study of Early Christianity at Macquarie University. It will include a session on Paul with responses from Paul Barnett - now, that will be interesting. I would love to hear that one and see if the two can find any common ground.

For the love of Martha, will someone also try and get Tom up to Brisbane, if not for the surfing, sun, fishing, and golf then for the churches up there - the Brisbanites always seem to get overlooked as a destination for speakers as those arrogant southerns who organize the events (NSWers and VICers) find it hard to believe that there is intelligent life north of Hornsby and so fail to organize a Brisbane event in the speaker's itinerary!

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Peter M. Head said...

How would we know that 'there is intelligent life north of Hornsby'?