Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Temptations of Jesus Part II

In the temptation stories (Mark 1.12-13; Matthew 4.1-11/Luke 4.1-13) various examples and typologies emerge:

1. Jesus as the New Adam. That Jesus was with the wild beasts may recall Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and their temptation. Also, it may recall a Jewish tradition that Adam and Eve were ministered to by Angels in the garden (Adam and Eve 4.1-2; b.Sanh. 59b).
2. Jesus as Faithful Israel. The three temptations recall elements of the Exodus story: wandering in the wilderness (Exod 16:35), hunger (Exod 16:2-8), testing God (Exod 17:1-3), and idolatry (Exodus 32).
3. Jesus as Elijah-like prophet. Elijah spent 40 days on Mt. Horeb (1 Kgs 19:8).
4. Jesus as the New Moses. Jesus was “fasting” like Moses did (Exod 24:18; 34:28). Jesus' sojourn in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights again comports iwht Moses on the mountain(Deut 9:9; Exod 34:28).

One final comment, a Christian interpolation in the Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs captures the thrust of Mark’s temptation story: “The devil will flee from you; wild beasts will be afraid of you, and the angels will stand by you” (T.Naph. 8:4; T.Benj. 5:2; cf. T.Iss. 7.7).

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