Monday, February 06, 2006

New Blog: Pantodapos

A chap called Eric Sowell has a blog call Pantodapos. The subtitle reads: "Sundry thoughts, on biblical studies, theology, philosophy, greek, textual criticism, and literature. He connects to a website, Christonomy which looks like a cross between Theonomy and New Covenant Theology. I'm certainly no Theonomist, but I do like some of New Covenant Theology stuff, esp. on Baptism (not convinced that the decalogue has no abiding continuance), but NCT arguments for creedo-baptist sing and sting!

Will Jim West give me an "Amen" before Ben Myers starts yelling "Give us Barrabbas"?

Welcome aboard Eric and friends!


Jim said...

Eric's a good guy and I had no idea he was a heretic! The only thing I can amen (with Zwingli's forgiveness) is the bit about creedo-baptism. As to the rest of it--- give us Barabbas!

Eric Sowell said...

Thanks for the post, Michael.

And c'mon Jim. I'm an anti-dispensationalist like yourself. See, there is more to like :)

Ben Myers said...

Give us Zwingli!

Jim said...

Ok Eric! And Ben, I hope you aren't speaking in your Barthian *kill the scoundrel* voice!