Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Revelation 5 and Little Girls

My daughter Alexis has lost her first tooth and has also just finished memorizing Revelation 5 (whole chapter!). We have discussed the passage and what it means and I asked her if she understood it and she said, "Sort of" - which is probably alot closer than many learned scholars will ever be.

Read the NIV account here. Revelation 5 will probably be my text for my next Easter-time sermon.


NWMihelis said...

That's hardcore! I love it.

Alan S. Bandy said...

"Sort of" - That says it all.

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet about your little girls. I bet you're a proud Daddy.

Keep up the good work dadd!

AnonymousMinister said...

The main thing I have learned from studying Revelation is that no one seems to really know. I've read many (at least 30 the past 4 months) scholars on Revelation and it seems they all say something different. So I'd say your little girl knows just about as much as everyone else ever will!