Friday, June 09, 2006

2006 Scottish Postgraduate Conference - NT Papers

At the recent Scottish Postgrad Conference there were some interesting papers at the NT session including:

Judy Diehl (Edinburgh)
Character Development in John 17 and the Farewell Discourses

Mark DeNeui (Aberdeen)
The Body-Metaphor in Greco-Roman Usage

Scot Becker (Aberdeen)
The Resumption of Biblical Narrative in Luke and 1 Maccabees

Rohintan Mody (Aberdeen)
The Relationship Between Daimonia and Idolatry in 1 Cor. 10.20

Joseph R. Dodson (Aberdeen)
The Personification of Creation in Wisdom of Solomon and Romans

Micahel Leary (Edinburgh)
Book Culture in Early Christianity: Text, Technology, and Early Christian Theology

But without doubt the highlight of the day was the panel discussion and seeing Simon Gathercole talk into a lamp that he thought was a microphone.


tony siew said...

Hi Michael,

I am interested in Michael Leary's article on Book culture in Early christianity. Is it possible for you to post a copy of his article in your blog? Or let me know please how I can get hold of the same. Many thanks.


Michael F. Bird said...

Tony, go to Michael's blog Ekthesis (on my sidebar) and email him from there.

exegetical fallacy said...

Looks like a lot of good stuff going on at Aberdeen!


A. B. Caneday said...

Confusing a lamp for a microphone? That's funny. Good papers.

Ro Mody said...

If any one has any feedback on my paper on daimonia and idolatry in 1 cor 10:20, it would be greatly appreciated.