Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pistis Christou - a bibliography

Since Richard Hay's book The Faith of Jesus Christ, there has been an explosion of articles and studies weaving their way through the pistis christou ('faith of Christ') debate. To date I am not aware of any extant bibliography that catalogues all of the materials both pre- and post-Hays.

Would anyone like to join with me in composing such a bibliography? What I have in mind is something like what I've done for my New Perspective on Paul Bibliography. The plan is to make it available on-line for everyone to see and use. Who is up for it?


J. B. Hood said...

Mike, I'll email.

Clint said...

Sounds like an excellent idea!

If I had access to a good library I would gladly join the fray.

Unfortunately these days I am surrounded by bovine and equine ruminants more than subjective and objective genitives.

Your NPP bibliography was excellent and a pistis christou offering would be welcomed by many.

andygoodliff said...

I'll email all the ones i know

jdarlack said...
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jdarlack said...

Excellent idea. I've been wanting to do a similar thing for Jacobean/Jamesian studies on my James the Just blog and for issues related to the New Testament's use of the Old Testament on my Old in the New blog.

exegetical fallacy said...


I'm totally up for that one, Mike! I've been working on the PX debate for 3 years now and have been especially interested in the 'third view' that has hardly been mentioned outside of German Scholarship (i.e. Schrenk, Binder, Lohmeyer). In short, could not PX refer to 'the faith that comes' and is 'revealed' (Gal 3.23), that is, an 'epoch of faith', or more specifically, "a single eschatological reality...a metonymy for God's act in Jesus Christ seen as a whole" (Cosgrove, The Cross and the Spirit," 56-57). This reading is difficult in some passages (Gal 2.16) but very easy in others (Gal 3.22; Rom 3.22). It at least deserves a hearing - and a presence in your bibliography! email me and we'll chat.