Thursday, June 22, 2006

Three Guys Called "Chuck"

If I had to ever so briefly summarize the history of twentieth-century NT research in Britain it would have to be based around three guys called "Chuck": Charles Haddon Dodd, Charles F. D. Moule, and Charles Kingsley Barrett.

What are the three best and/or most useful works by this trio of Charles'? Here's my take:

C.H. Dodd

See his list of works here

1) The Parables of the Kingdom
2) Apostolic Preaching and its Development
3) History and Interpretation in the Fourth Gospel

That reminds me of a limerick about him I heard from Don Carson:

There once was a man called Dodd
Who had a name that was exceedingly odd
He spelt, if you please,
His name with three D's
When one is sufficient for God

C.F.D. Moule

1) The Origins of Christology
2) The Phenomenon of the New Testament
3) The Birth of the New Testament

C.K. Barrett

1) The Gospel According to St. John
2) International and Critical Commentary on Acts
3) From First Adam to Last: Study in Pauline Theology


exegetical fallacy said...

How about C.H. Dodd's, 'According to the Scriptures'? This masterful piece arguably laid the groundwork for recent intrests in intertextuality, or at least the significance of the original context for NT quotes of the Old.


Jim Hamilton said...

Are you sure it's not Charles HAROLD Dodd?


C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

Moule's An Idiom Book of NT Greek was considered a useful reference work for many years. It is now somewhat dated because, like Blass-Debrunner-Funk, it presumes a working knowledge of Attic.

C.H. Dodd is notable for his alternative reading of John 1:29, D.A. Carson cites him on this passage in his commentary on John in the Pillar series.

J. B. Hood said...


I think in general those other three still stand above "kata graph." in terms of influence. But Dodd is so influential--despite weaknesses--on use of OT in NT that perhaps this will turn around.

Dickie Mint said...

To the extent that each of these fellows was correct in what he wrote, might you say that they were 'right Charlies'?

Scot McKnight said...

I'm with According to the Scriptures as perhaps the best NT book ever, Michael.