Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New Blogs

Matthew D. Montonini has a M.Th from Ashland and has started his own blog called Pauline Perspectives: Old, New & Fresh: A place to discuss Paul's life, theology, and use of Scripture. I think we may have start a new blogging category called "NPPBlog". Matt has a couple of posts up already including one one Paul and sin, as well as his justification for starting a blog on the interpreation of Paul.

He has links to David DeSilva's homepage where I learnt that DD is writing the NICNT commentary on Galatians due out in 2010. (On a side note, my NT 101 students can't decide whether they loath DD and his NT Intro, or whether they loathe me for making them read 200 pages of it in one week).

Welcome to the blogosphere Matt!!


Nick Nowalk said...

We need a new Galatians commentary bad...I've also heard that Carson, Moo, Silva, and Schreiner are all working on their own Galatians commentaries too:) Hope we see at least one of them before 2010!

NWMihelis said...

Agreed. Fung is definately dated and in need of update. Longenecker is one of the most useful I've used (assuming [paraphrasing Carson] your sanctification can bear the WBC format). I think Wright has one coming down the pike as well.

Sean du Toit said...

Wright is doing the Two Horizons commentary on Galatians! Longenecker and Dunn are still the most helpful on Galatians, so De Silva's will be a welcome addition. Fung and Bruce are both dated and pre NPP.

Nick Nowalk said...

I will say, in defense of Bruce, that while one yearns while reading him for more imagination and application and interaction with other viewpoints in his commentaries, he IS nonetheless solidly reliable, and also does a knock down job on background issues (Acts, too). His defense in his commentary of the South Galatian, early date hypothesis is a gem, and in my mind irrefutable. So still worth considering on things such as these. But, yeah, we need a new one. And honestly, I don't even think Longenecker is all that great on Galatians, though maybe if only by default he's the one to presently turn to.