Friday, June 30, 2006

Markus Bockmuehl's new book

Markus Bockmuehl lectures at Cambridge University (see his website: New Testament Teaching Resources) and he has a new book out entitled: Seeing the Word: Refocusing New Testament Study (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2006).

I haven't been able to find out much about the contents, but I imagine that it might be similar to his articles on New Testament study such as the following:

2004. ‘What’s Under the Microscope? Revisiting E.C. Hoskyns on the Object of New Testament Study.’ Theology 107: 3-13.

1998. ‘Humpty Dumpty and New Testament Theology.’ Theology 101: 330-38.

1998. ‘“To Be or Not to Be”: The Possible Futures of New Testament Scholarship.’ Scottish Journal of Theology 51: 271-306.


J. B. Hood said...

Everyone should read his article in SJT on "future of NT scholarship"--great discussion on method, though a bit pessimistic.

Grosey's Messages said...

Hey g'day Mike :)
here is a blast from the past.
Last time we met was at Wattlegrove baptist church (Holsworthy. I remember a skinny red headed kid who had a few questions about salvation!
Good to see you perservering onwards and upwards.

GreekGeek said...

Did you hear that he's moving up to St Andrews this fall as Professor of Biblical and Early Christian Studies? The talk he gave when he visited this spring was from the introduction to this book, and definitely peaked my interest so I'm glad to know it's out.