Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tom Wright's letter to the ECUSA

Rt. Rev. Dr. Tom Wright has written a letter to the ECUSA convention entitled: The Choice Before USA. The conclusion reads as follows:

"If these resolutions [ECUSA's reponse to the Windsor report] are amended in line with Windsor, and passed, then the rest of the Communion will be in a position to express its gratitude and relief that ECUSA has complied with what was asked of it. Should that happen, I will be the first to stand up and cheer at such a result, and to speak out against those who are hoping fervently for ECUSA to resist Windsor so that they can justify their anti-ECUSA stance. But if the resolutions are not amended, then, with great sadness and with complete uncertainty about what way ahead might then be found, the rest of the Communion will have to conclude that, despite every opportunity, ECUSA has declined to comply with Windsor; has decided, in other words, to 'walk apart' (Windsor 157)."

That is Anglican-speak for "it's time to see who is bluffing?"

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