Thursday, June 01, 2006

New Books - 1

Westminster John Knox has a new book list and the interesting volumes include:

Charles B. Cousar, An Introduction to the New Testament: Witnesses to God's New Work

Francois Bovon, The Last Days of Jesus

M. Eugene Boring, Mark: A Commentary (NTL)

Luke Timothy Johnson, Hebrews: A Commentary (NTL)

James G. Crossley, Why Christianity Happened: A Sociohistorical Account of Christian Origins (26-50 CE)

Shaye J. D. Cohen, From Maccabees to the Mishnah

Anne Loades & Robert MacSwain, The Truth-Seeking Heart: An Austin Farrer Reader

Wayne A. Meeks, Christ is the Question

Tom Wright, The Scriptures, The Cross and the Power of God


- Cousar's NT commentary should be interesting, although I'm also waiting to see the one by Kostenberger and Quarles before I put away DeSilva. I tend to think that a NT Intro is good for about 5-7 years before it becomes dated, unless it gets revized regularly like Bob Gundry's.

- Johnson on Hebrews, should be good. I like anything he writes.

- Crossley on Christian Origins, well, I can feel an extended review article coming on prior to our melee next year on the topic.


Dave said...

Why do you think a NT Intro is only good for 5-7 years?

Michael F. Bird said...

Cause a better and more up to date one usually comes along in that time.

James Crossley said...

I say give him a kicking (Crossley not Dave that is). I'll probably help if you ask nicely

Dave said...

Do you think better is based on stylistic and literary merit, or do you mean (as I suspect) that better and up to date is based on archaeological/textual/cultural etc evidence from NT times

Stephen Hebert said...

Is this a new, updated edition of Cohen's From the Maccabees to the Mishnah, or just a reprint?