Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Charity Auction - HC Kee's book on Christian Origins

To understand the historical beginnings of Christianity requires one not only to examine the documents that the movement produced, but also to scrutinize other evidence—historical, literary, and archaeological—that can illumine the socio-cultural context in which Christianity began and how it responded to the influences that derived from that setting. This involves not only analysis of the readily accessible content of the relevant literary evidence, but also attention to the world-views and assumptions about reality that are inherent in these documents and other phenomena that have survived from this period. Attention to the roles of leadership and the modes of formation of social identity in Judaism and the continuing influence of these developments as Christianity began to take shape is important for historical analysis.

Distinguished New Testament scholar Kee performs such readings of the texts and communities in this dazzling study of early Christian origins. In methodological terms, the historical study of Christian Origins in all its diversity must involve three different modes of analysis: (1) epistemological, (2) sociological, and (3) eschatological. The first concerns the way in which knowledge and communication of it were perceived. The second seeks to discern the way in which the community or tradition preserving and conveying this information defined its group identity and its shared values and aims. The third focuses on the way in which the group understood and affirmed its ultimate destiny and that of its members in the purpose of God. These factors are interrelated, and features of one mode of perception strongly influence details of the others, but it is useful to consider each of them in its own category in order to discern with greater precision the specific historical features of the spectrum of facets which appear in the evidence that has survived concerning the origins of Christianity.

I have acquired myself a second copy of H.C. Kee, The Beginnings of Christianity Context and Controversy (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2005). The volume is essentially a Christian Origins version of a New Testament Introduction. It retails for about $25-27 (USD).

I would like to sell the book and give the proceeds to my favourite charity being
Compassion UK

I would like a potential buyer to send me a cheque or international money order made out to Compassion UK and I will happily forward the cheque onto them. I will then mail the book to the buyer free of charge!

Let's start the bidding at USD $15.00 (a bargain) and we'll see by Friday who the winner is. So who wants a choice book on Christian Origins going very cheaply! C'mon, it's for a good cause!!


NWMihelis said...

I'll start it out: assuming usd is U.S. Dollars, I'll even step it up to $16

Anonymous said...

I'm in...

Say $18


Corn on the Robb said...


Anonymous said...


Corn on the Robb said...

by the time I actually get to checking this tomorrow it'll probably be too late, but if it's not I'll go for $25

Anonymous said...


When will this auction close?


Michael F. Bird said...


You win mate! Send me an email to discuss delivery and payment details.

Corn on the Robb said...

man I had forgotten about this thing!