Monday, September 07, 2009

Female Bibliobloggers

I've stayed away from the female bibliobloggers debate mainly in the interest of personal safety. Let me say one thing up front: I don't wake up every morning conspiring on how to keep women out of the blogosphere. I have no problem with women being part of the blogosphere and I would very much love to encourage them as much as I can. The only problem is that, apart from Judy Redman and April Deconick, I just don't know too many women who's blogging topics overlap with my own interests. No conspiracy theory, no misogyny, just haven't met that many female bibliobloggers. I'm glad to say that Suzanne Mccarthy has a good list of female bibliobloggers and I've added several to my google reader. Rachel Marszalek has a good post on the whole hoo-haa as well.

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