Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last Disciple Series

Over at the SBL Forum is a good article by Margaret E. Ramey (Messiah College) on 'Left Behind' No More? An Evangelical Preterist Interpretation of Revelation in 'The Last Disciple' series, which Hank Hanegraaff's Last Disciples Series which is a preterist alternative to the Left Behind Series. She evaluates the books, pro and con, and concludes:

"Hanegraaff provides a helpful counterbalance within evangelicalism to the predominant premillinial dispensationalism encapsulated in the Left Behind series. Most importantly, he attempts to shift the evangelical focus from rapture to resurrection. Hanegraaff states on his website: "In our view the great and glorious hope of believers is not found in rapture but in the blessed hope of resurrection."[13] If nothing else, perhaps his readers will be encouraged to re-center their faith on what has historically been the hope of Christianity rather than remain captivated by this more recent fixation on being left behind."

Maybe this is something for me to use my gift voucher on.


Mick Porter said...

"Indeed both LaHaye and Hanegraaff share in this misunderstanding, and although this 'history in advance' interpretation may form the basis of exciting plotlines, it is perhaps not the most responsible exegesis of Revelation."

I think that was stated well.

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