Saturday, September 05, 2009

New Blog - Peje Iesous

Christopher Skinner (St. Mary's Baltimore) has just started a blog called Peje Iesous. And his intro to the blog says: "This blog seeks to explore the historical Jesus, the canonical and extracanonical gospels, narrative hermeneutics, and the implications these areas of study have for modern followers of Jesus Christ. The name “Peje Iesous” is an English transliteration of the Coptic phrase “Jesus said,” the introductory formula for most sayings in the Gospel of Thomas. After reading so many biblical studies blogs with Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and German titles, I felt the need to include an entry from the vastly underrepresented category of Coptic." For those that don't know, I reviewed his book on the Gospel of John and the Gospel of Thomas not long ago.

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