Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vertical-Horizontal Cont'd

Loren Rosson chimes in on the vertical and horizontal elements of justification in Paul. I can follow Loren part way. For instance, I think "righteousness" for Paul can often correlate to the idea of "praise from God". However, I think several passages in Paul just simply go in a forensic direction such as Rom 8.1 and 2 Cor 3.9. Similarly, Phil Esler's Galatians commentary (if memory serves me right) highlights different types of forensic connotations attached to dikaiosyne in the Septuagint. I'm also a little bit more cautious about Paul dumping "covenant" in the mid-50s. Paul does use "covenant" predominantly in the context of discontinuity between the two epochs of Moses and Christ, but that's not the same thing as dumping covenant altogether.

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