Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Paul Blowers on the "Rule of Faith" - 1

I'm reading through Paul M. Blowers article "The Regulae Fidei and the Narrative Character of Early Christian Faith," Pro Ecclesia 6.2 (2007) and here is the first of a few quotes to follow:

"My premise here is that at bottom, the Rule of Faith (which was always associated with Scripture itself) served the primitive Christian hope of articulating and authenticating a world-encompassing story or metanarrative of creation, incarnation, redemption, and consummation. I will argue that in the crucial 'proto-canonical' era in the history of Christianity, the Rule, being a narrative construction, set forth the basic 'dramatic' structure of a Christian vision of the world, posing as an hermeneutical frame of reference for the interpretation of Christian Scripture and experience, and educing the first principles of Christian theological discourse and of a doctrinal substantiation of Chrsitian faith" (p. 202).


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...peaked my curiosity. Sounds like Horton and Vanhoozer married...LOL.

Angie Van De Merwe said...

The Bible has always defined faith?

That is absurd. Christianity was a Jewish sect (sectarianism), which became the Church, who canonized the Scripture and split over what was to be canonized, as well as how to see Jesus divinity. And the Church continues to split over how to understand and practice faith..ETC.

How can you simplify such a complex political, historical and experiential "happening"?