Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wright and Dunn Video on the NPP

N.T. Wright and Jimmy Dunn appear in a short video about the New Perspective on Paul. A number of interesting things emerge: (1) Wright doesn't seem aware that Dunn has "moved" a bit on works of law since in Dunn's most recent Beginning from Jerusalem he says that it means "works which the law requires" and goes beyond boundary markers, though he is quite right to insist that works of law still has an ethnic signifier. I'm also wondering if it should also be linked to the specific (pharisaic?) halakhah of Paul's opponents in Galatia. (2) Dunn notes that the NPP is not anti-Lutheran per se, but intends to bring the corporate, social, and ethnic issues to the surface which were not properly handled by the Reformers and their heirs; (3) Dunn's comparison of the exclusiveness of second temple Judaism and "American imperialism" was most amusing, and no doubt much annoyance it will cause.

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Anonymous said...

the video still makes NTW look like he's doing the blue steel