Thursday, September 10, 2009

Katherine Grieb on "God's Righteousness"

In a good little book called The Story of Romans: A Narrative Defense of God's Righteousness, A. Katherine Grieb writes about God's righteousness:

"The Story of God's righteousness in Jesus Christ is at once the story of (1) God's sovereign renewal of the created cosmos, (2) God's redemption of humanity from universal bondage to Sin and Death, and (3) God's reconciliation of Jews and Gentiles (which involves both God's faithfulness to Israel and the keeping of God's promises for the Gentiles). It is critical to discern the apocalyptic framework in which the story appears: creations groans with expectation (Rom. 8:22) as Paul and his communities live out the script of the end time; they are players in the last act of God's apocalyptic drama of salvation, a story that began with creation and the fall and continues thorugh Israel's history up to the present moment" (p. xxiii).

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Anonymous said...

...but then she turns around and says at least in theory that same-sex relationships could be the will of God if we try real hard and discern it as so. It's at that point that I wonder if she's really understood "the story" because it is so grounded in know that part about male and female? Maybe that part's not really in there and Jesus just made it up!
Seems like a pretty important part of the "script" to leave to our best laid plans of discernment. Usually you need to "discern" when something isn't all that clear. This topic is that clear, so all one needs to do is read.