Monday, August 22, 2005

Birds have landed

After an exhausting 20.5 hrs of flying, we have arrived in London safely. Children flew quite well although the 13 hrs from Singapore from London had no in flight entertainment - which meant that I had to be very creative in keeping a 5 yr old girl amused. But we are here in the big 'L' with about 300 000 other Aussies, and this leads me to a few immediate observations about London:

Why is there so much flipping football on television? Where on earth can I find a rugby league game to watch?

Why are the stairs so steep in all the houses? Everytime I go up stairs I feel like I'm climbing a mountain?

I'm just about to take a tube (i.e. train) into London and go to Pendlebury's and make some serious book purchases.

I'm looking forward to the Edinburgh dogmatics conference on the weekend and will probably blog on that as well (wishing you could be there Ben!) More blogging to follow probably after the weekend!


steph said...

No ozzie rules now - you have to get fit (stairs are a great part of the culture) and learn to love football: it is actually much better than rugby league. Start watching and you'll be converted!

But good luck, congratulations and lucky you in London

Michael Pahl said...

Michael, glad to hear that you and yours are safely in the UK. Thanks for the warning about the stairs--I'll get practising for those steep stairs right away! :-)

TheBlueRaja said...

Looking forward to your blog updates on the conference!

J. B. Hood said...

I agree with Steph. Learn to love God's sport--it's the purest of all sports, and it'll be there in the New Heavens, New Earth, so get used to it!

Congrats on getting there. HOpe the family adventure goes well!

Ben Myers said...

Yes, please do post some comments on the dogmatics conference. I wish I could be there too. What more could anyone want than to hear John Webster and Bruce McCormack? (Oh, and I think some bishop named Tom will also be saying a few words...)

Ted Gossard said...

Good to hear from you and looking forward to hearing more (an echo).

James Crossley said...

You'll find little rugby league down south, Michael. The north of England is the heartland of proper rugby (as opposed to that other improper game called rugby union).