Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Blogs Flourish

I get the impression that blogging is now becoming endemic (esp. by academics). I've added a host of sites to my NT studies list and added several blogs to the blog roll. I am gravely concerned at the number of Kiwis of Baptist persuasion taking to blogging. I may have to re-evaluate my belief that the lives of New Zealander's revolve around breeding sheep and rugby players (although given the feral hair cuts of several of the All Black forwards, one must wonder if there has been any cross-breeding of late!). Perhaps blogging will replace rugby as the national past time - nah, a most unlikely diagnosis. Anyway, a warm welcome to all you trans-Tasman - Kiwi - eighth-state-of-Australia bloggers out there.

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eddie said...

"eighth-state-of-Australia"? Thats just not nice