Sunday, August 14, 2005

Two Week Break from Blogging

I leave for Toowoomba to spend some time with my wife's family today before we leave for London on Friday. Then a few days later we are in-bound to Inverness. So not much will be on the blogging radar till after then. I'm hoping to read McKnight's Jesus Creed and maybe pick up some choice books in second-hand book shops in London. Does anyone know any good second-hand book stores in London for NT books? I once went to a Jewish suburb in London several years ago (Seven Sisters?) that had a charming Baptist church with a second-hand book shop attached which was great.


James Crossley said...

There is an SPCK bookshop on (possibly: my memory is hazy) Marylebone Road. Still it's easy to look up. Anyway , I think (again memory) that there is a second hand section.

Also Foyle's sometimes have the odd bargain (somewhere near Tottenham Court Road tube, possibly?).

Sean Winter said...

Hi Michael

The SPCK bookshop that James refers to is no longer on Marylebone Road but at Faith House 7 Tufton Street Westminster London SW1P 3QN . The SPCK shop itself has good 2nd hand books and there is a specialist (and more expensive) shop, Charles Higham, also on the premises.

The bookshop you refer to in your post is probably Pendleburys. Here is the URL: