Thursday, August 04, 2005

More and More Blogs

Whilst I get some breathing space to do some blogging (away from cleaning, packing, cleaning, moving, and cleaning), I have found a few more blogs to introduce:

1. Sean the Baptist Σεαν ὁ βαπιστὴς is another new blog by the Rev. Dr. Sean Winter who teaches at the Northern Baptist College in Manchester. Hi Sean, and welcome. I need to make friends with as many Baptist New Testament bloggers as I can before I leave for the UK in 14 days!!! Sean notes in particular that N.T. Wright does drink earle grey tea!

2. Metalepsis. This chap (who uses a Pseudonym or had very cruel parents) subtitles his blog on "parting of the ways". If he's talking about Christianity and Judaism I'm already interested to read what he has to say. He's a Ph.D candidate in Naples USA (sounds Italian to me) and is considering an open-source thesis! A brave soul indeed. Well, to Mr. Metalepsis, from one who just handed in his thesis about an hour ago for examination, I saw unto you, he who perseveres to the end will see the fruit of his labors.

3. Soylent Green. The name reminds me of some dirty baby nappies (or for Americans, 'dipers') that I had to change recently. The blog is about "Christian Theology, Culture and Mission" and the blogger goes under the identity of the "Blue Raja" which reminds me of a movie with some try-hard super-heroes I saw a while go.

Welcome all. Note, I'm planning on being more personal and adding names to the list of blog sites on my roll. Please have patience and bare with me. Otherwise, I've started a counter and so I can monitor those who visit my site!!!

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metalepsis said...

Sorry I should be more forth coming, my name is Bryan Lee (Metalepsis), and I am reading for a Ph.D. at the University of Sheffield. I am attempting to do a intertextual reading of Romans, looking closely at exodus motifs and imperial polemics. Congrats on the submission! I have enjoyed your blog. Peace.