Thursday, August 04, 2005

Top Ten Jesus Books of Mine

Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed lists his Top 10 Jesus books. That made me wanna list mine as well. Here we go:

1. N.T. Wright, Jesus and the Victory of God
2. James Dunn, Jesus Remembered
3. John P. Meier, A Marginal Jew
4. Ben F. Meyer, The Aims of Jesus
5. Annette Merz & Gerd Theissen, The Historical Jesus
6. E.P. Sanders, Jesus and Judaism
7. Ben Witherington, The Christology of Jesus
8. Scot McKnight, The Teachings of Jesus in National Context
9. Henry Cadbury, The Peril of Modernizing Jesus
10. Markus Bockmuehl, This Jesus

I would give favourable mention to works by Craig A. Evans (Jesus and His Contemporaries); Bruce Chilton (Pure Kingdom; definitely not Rabbi Jesus); Marcus Borg (Conflict and Holiness; not Jesus: A New Vision); Gerd Theissen (Shadow of the Galilean); George Caird (Jesus and the Jewish Nation); Geza Vermes (Jesus the Jew); Dale C. Allison (Jesus of Nazareth); Gunther Bornkam (Jesus of Nazareth); Joachim Gnilka (The Message of Jesus); Jurgen Becker (Jesus of Nazareth); Tom Holmen (Jesus and Jewish Covenant Thinking).


Sean du Toit said...

Greetings. I think #8 is wrong. Scot's book is: A New Vision for Israel: The Teaching of Jesus in National Context. Jesus and the Restoration of Israel is a collection of articles that offer a critique of Wright's Jesus and the Victory of God.

ciao, sean

Scot McKnight said...

Glad to see Holmen's book there. I feel the same way about Borg. His panentheism has become his central interest; see his Heart of Christianity.