Friday, August 12, 2005

Latest issue of CBR

The latest issue of Currents in Biblical Research is out and it includes my article that surveys research about the historical Jesus and the Gentiles. The abstract reads:

Joachim Jeremias’s study, Jesus’ Promise to the Nations has significantly impacted scholarly estimations of Jesus’ view of the Gentiles. This study briefly surveys earlier works, critiques Jeremias’s position, identifies other contributors who have either followed Jeremias or have tried to erect an opposing viewpoint. As such, the validity of Jeremias’s conclusion is challenged particularly against the backdrop of an emerging alternative whereby Jesus’ view of the Gentiles is constructed in the context of Jewish restoration eschatology.

This a good journal to help us all keep abreast of developments in biblical studies.

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eddie said...

I'l defniately check out your article when I get access to the issue. Jesus relation to the Gentiles is waiting in the back of my mind as the next aspect of the historical Jesus which I wish to examine.